About Us

We provide the luxury riding experience without the luxury costs.

Platinum Transportation is the top premium taxi, airport shuttle & charter van service in the area. We pride ourselves on offering luxury travel at affordable prices in the areas of Buda, Kyle and San Marcos, Texas.

Our main company aim is to exceed our customers’ expectations. We do this by ensuring our drivers are always on time, are reliable and friendly, and are completely dependable. We know how stressful it can be to have an unreliable taxi service, particularly for airport connections or important events. That’s why it’s our mission to provide the most reliable and dependable service we can.

Along with top customer service, we also strive to provide luxury transportation around our great city. Traveling in style can make all the difference to your journey, even if it’s something as simple as higher levels of comfort. Every car in our taxi fleet offers the height of luxury, including more legroom, comfy seating, air conditioning and much more.

Every chauffeur working for our taxi, airport shuttle & charter van service has years of driving experience, and all work to the strictest road safety guidelines. They also strive to provide the best customer service possible during your journey, so feel free to ask them any questions you may have about the journey or the area.

Platinum Transportation has been in business since 2019, and in that time we’ve learned what it takes to provide a premium taxi and airport shuttle service in Texas. We know that getting to your destination is your main priority, but we also know that you should enjoy yourself along the way. That’s why we focus on providing luxury travel services, because it shouldn’t just be the rich and famous who get to travel in style!

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